Recognition-the phsychology of evil

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presents the award winning performance

RECOGNITION –  the psychology of evil

Elisabeth Hardy is educated in politics and social psychology with specialization in genocide. She is working at the Institute for Research on Human Evil (IRHE) at the University of Oslo.

The performance begins with a lecture on human evil, including powerpoint, short film clips and examples from experiments in social psychology.

Gradually, the lecturer becomes personal. Examples from Ms Hardy’s own life are incorporated. The audience gradually understand that she is being severely harassed by a colleague at the centre where she is working. The small workplace with idealistic, politically correct and well educated collaborators turns out to be a nightmare, all while important research on human evil continues…

The theme of RECOGNITION is the language of power, from a small situation between a few people, to the more global examples where one group of people actually slaughters another.

The audience witness transitions between research and facts, private confessions, filmed nightmares, TV show and staged experiments from social psychology.

The performance is inspired by the novel The Exception by the Danish author Christian Jungersen.

Suitable for all audience over the age of 15


The press wrote:

 “Recognition is not only very skilfully performed, it is also something as seldom as a fist in the stomach carried out free of moralism.”  Dagsavisen

 ”Successful, cruel, humoristic and inconceivably important” Varden

 ”This is suggestive theatre, that succeeds in making global cruelty recognizable.” Aftenposten

Actress: Kjersti Posti Høgli Text: Kjersti Posti Høgli and Anne-Sophie Erichsen Scenography/costume: Silje Steinsvik Sound design: Geir Bremer Øvrebø Photo/video: Jørn Steen Lightdesign: Jean Vincent Kerebel

Creative technician: Agnar Ribe  Director: Anne-Sophie Erichsen

Fore more information please contact Anne-Sophie Erichsen 0047-48141041