No doctor for the dead

geddy aniksdal nr. 2 foto Danny TwangNo doctor for the Dead is an intimate performance with actor/singer Geddy Aniksdal, accompanied by Anette Röde on the piano, based on the texts of Georg Johannesen.

The aim of this work has been to bring out the poetic texts and support them through music and movement, in a bold and expressive style. They are texts with a special sensitivity to political, historical and social questions like: war, peace, violence, destruction and death. They are often about themes that are considered non poetic; distance, detachment, and lack of emotion.

The performance had its Norwegian premiere during the Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival in June of 2004.

Text: Georg Johannesen
Actor: Geddy Aniksdal
Pianist: Anette Röde
Director: Tor Arne Ursin

The performance had its premiere
on Jan. 21, 2004 in Holstebro, Denmark.