You will never again meet people who have suffered heartbreak in the same manner, after having seen Ingvild Hogstads “Heartbreak”. This is what Varden wrote after the premiere 16th of february 2018, and gave the performance 6 out of 6 points!

Her first own production is made in fruitful collaboration with director Anne-Sophie Erichsen. Together they have created a tight scenic image, where Hogstad slides between confidences by others and the dramatizing of her own experiences – through dance, monologue and poems. (Varden 6)

Ingvild Hogstads personal theatre documentary “Heartbreak” moves the heart and enriches the brain. You can even risk getting a good laugh. In Anne-Sophie Erichsens directing, this this has become rocking and intense, with a fine mix of seriousness and humor, monologue and video. (Telemarksavisa 5)

The actress Ingvild Hogstad watches her own heartbreak with a distance and asks: What happens in the brain when your heart is broken? Should we rather say: I love you with all my brain? That is actually where the worst nightmare takes place. Ingvild is alone on stage, but she has filmed interviews both with a neuroscientist, and with 10 different people who tell about their experience of being abandoned. In this way, the audience meet a variety of stories that are woven together.

“Heartbreak” moves between the lines of facts, research, art and private confidences. Based on brain research, on social psychological research, on hard-hitting texts, on music, on embarrassing experiences, on humour, on video-interviews with people who share their stories, and not least in meeting with a neuroscientist, “Heartbreak” appears as a performance lecture in a documentary landscape.

Actress: Ingvild Hogstad.

Text: Ingvild Hogstad in collaboration with Anne-Sophie Erichsen

Music and compositions: Snorre Sjønøst Henriksen        

Lightdesign/technique: Agnar Ribe.

Sound and video editing/technician: Truls Hannemyr. 

Videophotographer: Jørn Steen.

Assistant director: Kjersti Posti Høgli

Director: Anne-Sophie Erichsen.

See photos from the performance HERE 

Thanks to: Mikkel Wallentin, neuroscientist at Århus Universitetshospital, and thanks for valuable contributions from: Unni Spakmo, Knut Olav Holt, Ann Charlotte Birkeland Berberg,Kristian Grennes, Cissi Hultman, Kathrine Asdahl, Lene Eriksen, Po Ying Tai, Mathias Jonstang Hordvei, Sanjey Sureshkumar.

Duration: 50 min.

The performance is produced  by Ingvild Hogstad, with support from Spenn, Norsk Kulturråd, Fond for Lyd og Bilde and Skien Kommune. Heartbreak is coproduced by Grenland Friteater.

Contact: Ingvild Hogstad, ingviho@gmail.com